Wednesday, September 8, 2021

CBC Results for Michigan, 2020 - 08 Sep 2021

John Trapp posted this email today w/ a summary of all of the counts for Michigan from last year's CBC.


The attached scorecard (in PDF format) allows you to see how your count stacked up against the results of all other counts in the state. For purposes of comparison, I've divided the 72 circles from 2020-21 into 60 established circles (11 or more count years) and 12 unseasoned counts (10 or fewer count years). For each circle, I've compiled 17 different stats. A legend at the end of the table provides a brief description of each stat. For each of the 17 stats, the maximum value(s) are highlighted. Enjoy! And please share any thoughts you might have as to how useful this information was for you. My goal was to show that there are more ways to evaluate the outcome of an annual count than just bottom-line totals of species and individuals.

John L. Trapp
Michigan Regional CBC Editor