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MIMO CBC 51 Yr Summary - 12 Nov 2021

As we approach the 122nd National Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count in 2021 I thought it time to summarize the Monroe, MI CBC, which is now entering its 52nd year! As compiler for the MIMO CBC since 1988 I've been keeping records of the annual event in a master spreadsheet (thanks to Bob Pettit for supplying early records). The Erie Shores Birding Association has been sponsoring the MIMO CBC since 1990 (prior counts were conducted largely by Washtenaw Audubon Society members - shoutout to Janet Hinshaw as former compiler and organizer). 

The following is a summary of the 51 years of CBC totals from the Monroe, MI Count Circle, which is described as centering at the junction of M-125 and Woodchuck Creek near LaSalle, MI. The count circle is 15 miles in diameter (~177 sq. miles) and is divided into 8 Areas.

Total Birds counted = 3, 321,703
Total Species = 164
Average # Birds / Count = 65,131
Average # Spp. / Count = 73
Min # Spp. = 57 (1986)
Max# Spp. = 89 (2005)

European Starlings have dominated the Monroe CBC with most number of birds counted and (1,034,035) and occurrence (all 51 years).  Common Grackles (325,577 / 43), Red-winged Blackbirds (279,094 / 49), Herring Gulls (255,088 / 51) and Ring-billed Gulls (222,600 / 51) round out the top five in terms of numbers / #yrs counted.

The following birds have been counted all 51 years (100%):

European Starling
Herring Gull
Ring-billed Gull
Common Merganser
House Sparrow
Mourning Dove
Common Goldeneye
American Tree Sparrow
American Black Duck
Great Black-backed Gull
Dark-eyed Junco
Northern Cardinal
American Goldfinch
Great Blue Heron
Blue Jay
Song Sparrow
American Crow
Downy Woodpecker
Red-tailed Hawk
American Kestrel
White-breasted Nuthatch

Surprisingly, Swamp Sparrow, Northern Flicker and Belted Kingfisher have been counted all but one year (50 yrs).

The following birds have only been found on 1 count:

Pacific Loon (CW) - 2011
Common Loon (1) - 1980
Surf Scoter (6) - 1997
Trumpeter Swan (4) - (2006)
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (3) - 2005
Golden Eagle (2) - 1994
Greater Yellowlegs (2) - 1987
Lesser Yellowlegs (2) - 1999
Boreal Chickadee (2) - 1972
Nelson's Sparrow (2) - 1971
Harlequin Duck (1) - 1982
Common Loon (1) - 1980
Red-necked Grebe (1) - 1983
American White Pelican (1) - 2010
American Bittern (1) - 1972
falcon sp. (1) - 1991
Sora (1) - 1989
rail sp. (1) - 1989
Willet (1) - 2005
Sanderling (1) - 1987
Semipalmated Sandpiper (1) - 1973
peep sp. (1) - 1989
Red Phalarope (1) - 1987
Laughing Gull (1) - 1973
Franklin's Gull (1) - 1996
Loggerhead Shrike (1) - 1972
Tree Swallow (1) - 2010
Sedge Wren (1) - 1970
Orange-crowned Warbler (1) - 2010
Lincoln's Sparrow (1) - 1989
Yellow-headed Blackbird (1) - 1992 + CW 2005

Some of the more interesting birds that have been found on 2 or more counts include the following:

Greater White-fronted Goose - 1 each in  1999,  2005
White-winged Scoter  - 1 each in 2005, 2006
Thayer's Gull  - 1 each in 1994, 2003
Northern Saw-whet Owl - 1 each in 1971, 1972
Vesper's Sparrow - 1 each in 1990, 1992
Brewer's Blackbird - 1 each in 1990, 1978
Snowy Owl - 1 each in 1971, 1974, 1980
Barn Owl - 2 in 1970, 2 in 1972, 1 in 1973, 1 in 1976
Evening Grosbeak - 12 in 1970, 9 in '71, 4 in '73, 8 in '77, 4 in '95
Short-eared Owl - 3 in '70, 2 in '72, 3 in '75, 3 in '76,
Long-eared Owl - 10 in '70, 9 in '72, 1 in '73, 1 in '75, 1 in '82

Records like these are not possible w/o the volunteer efforts of the dozens who have participated in this event.  Thank you to all who have given their time/effort to locate these birds!

The following is a summary of results from each of the Areas covered by the count circle: Note that specific area counts were not kept separate until starting about 1992, so individual area totals vary in the number of years.

Area 2: Consumers Power Plant and Erie Gun Club to I-75

By far our most productive area in the count circle every year. This area includes the J.R. Whiting Plant, Erie Gun Club and the outlying area 2. Special thanks to Allen Chartier and Will Weber for handling the counting duties for almost the entire 51 years. Note that Area 2 totals included both the Whiting Plant and Erie Marsh for many years.

Area 3 - Wood Road on the north east to US-125. US-125 south to Erie Rd. Erie Rd. east to I-75; I-75 south

Thanks to Kathleen and Dennis Rohmyer for acting as Area Leaders for countless years.

Area 4: LaPlaisance Rd east to North Otter Creek Rd to Lake Erie. Telegraph south to Wood Road and Wood Road east to US-125. US-125 south to Erie Rd. Erie Rd. east to Lake Erie

Area 5 - Front St. along S side of River Raisin Rd. from Telegraph Rd. to Lake Erie. Telegraph Rd. S to LaPlaisance Rd. E to North
Otter Creek Rd. to Lake Erie

Thanks to Ann Smith for acting as Area Leader for so many years.

DTE Energy Monroe Power Plant

Thanks to Tim Walsh and Jerry Jourdan, the folks at DTE Energy for hosting the mid-day counts for the past 27+ years.

Area 6 - Front St. along S side of River Raisin from Telegraph Rd. to Lake Erie. Telegraph Rd. N to Nadeau Rd.

Many thanks to Jack and Janet Volker for acting as Area Leaders for so many years. 

Area 7: Dunbar Rd to Telegraph Rd. Telegraph Rd. N to Nadeau Rd.

Many thanks to Bob Pettit for acting as Area Leader in this area of the count circle. 

Area 8 - Dunbar Rd. to Telegraph Rd. Telegraph Rd. S to Wood Rd. then W on Wood Rd.

Thanks to John and Kathy Flora and Joe and Terri Janssen for acting as Area Leaders for so many years.

Erie Shores Birding Association wishes to acknowledge Bob Pettit and Jerry Jourdan for coordinating and compiling the MIMO CBC for the past 50+ years. Special thanks also to Geoff LeBaron and the National Audubon Society for hosting and conducting the longest citizen science project in the history of this country, and to John Trapp for acting as the lead compiler for the entire State of Michigan. Also to all of you who have participated in this and other CBC's across North and South America.

Monday, November 8, 2021

52nd Monroe, MI CBC - Saturday, Dec 18, 2021

Saturday, 18 December 2021
 marks the 52nd Monroe, MI Christmas Bird Count in conjunction with the 122nd National Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic there will be changes to the protocol:

We will not be meeting afterward for dinner and compilation.

Participants are again asked to avoid carpooling, unless necessary - caravans are acceptable. Please use social distancing measures while in the field together: wear mask, maintain at least 6 feet, avoid displays of affection...

Participants will be asked to report their numbers (including mileage, time in field, field conditions) to their Area Leader, who will then compile numbers and submit to me.

Please use the attached tally sheets for each Area; this makes it easier for me to get results into the master spreadsheet.

If a bird is seen in your Area that is not on the tally sheet then it will need some documentation (photos preferred). The tally sheets have been prepared based on 50-years of data so if its not listed it hasn't been seen before in your Area.

If you feel uncomfortable about participating - no problem - NAS is not worried about data this year. Your health is more important.

If you are interested in participating please drop me a line at

Thanks, and

Stay safe!