Friday, December 9, 2022

Monroe, MI CBC is Sunday, Dec 18, 2022 - 09 Dec 2022

Sunday, December 18, 2022 will mark the 53rd Annual Monroe, Michigan Christmas Bird Count that will coincide with the 123rd National Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count.

Participants will be asked to report their numbers (including mileage, time in field, field conditions) to their Area Leader, who will then compile numbers and submit to me.

Please use the attached tally sheets for each Area; this makes it easier for me to get results into the master spreadsheet.

If a bird is seen in your Area that is not on the tally sheet then it will need some documentation (photos preferred). The tally sheets have been prepared based on 50-years of data so if its not listed it hasn't been seen before in your Area.

If you are interested in participating please drop me a line at

We will meet afterward at the Michigan Grill (formerly MI Bar and Grill) at 5 pm to tally results. 

Thanks, and

Stay safe!

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